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Built with the applicant in mind, AppDash simplifies the process of coordinating your job search. It is an aggregator, letting you easily store jobs from any other site. Set your to-do lists, rate the listings, and sort them according to your preferences.

Use our autofill feature to easily start adding jobs from any of the sites below. You can also search jobs directly from AppDash and save them to your dashboard in a single click.

Here's how it works.

Add new jobs automatically with just a URL from any of the job sites above, or manually enter a job posting.

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Sort your opportunities by Location, Job Title, Company, Deadline, or Rating. Forget fiddling with Excel, use a tool designed specifically for your needs.

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Make personal to-do lists for every opportunity in your dashboard. Check off items as you complete them. Edit any time. AppDash keeps it all in one place.

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Store your application documents in our cloud, backed by Amazon Web Services. Please don't save all of your resume versions on your desktop. Upload resumes, cover letters, transcripts, writing samples, etc.

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